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Shorts Program Two

Available: Sep 22, 2023 16:02
Until: Oct 02, 2023 03:59
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Shorts Program Two
An eclectic mix of great short films: narratives, documentaries, animations, and music videos.

Schedules and Screening Blocks are subject to changes.
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Woman Meets Girl Woman Meets Girl

Woman Meets Girl

As cocktails lead to revealing conversation, chemistry builds between Annabelle, an awkward in her own skin, forty-two-year-old woman and Tessie, an extroverted, eighteen-year-old sex worker. A surprising moment soon introduces the possibility of deeper connection.
17 minutes
Passenger Seat Passenger Seat

Passenger Seat

A young Pakistani girl from Queens, New York finds her relationship with her shifting as his taxi business starts to decline with the rise of ride-share apps.
18 minutes


Rom-com obsessed teen Christine has always longed for the picture-perfect romance - but she's soon confronted with the fact that her ideal prince charming might actually be a princess charming instead.
15 minutes
Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls

Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls

In this Western/Anime smash up, Sushi, Mochi and Ume are on the run from Tofu, a Chinatown crime boss who wants them back “Dead or Alive.” Sushi decides the only way they will escape the bounty hunters is to kill Tofu. Ignoring the protests of Mochi and Ume, she decides she’s the best one to take him down to gain their freedom.
13 minutes
Blue Rain Blue Rain

Blue Rain

After giving birth, Saar flees into what could have been her future. When the safe delusion is overtaken by harsh reality, everything becomes unbearable.
14 minutes
Always on your Toes Always on your Toes

Always on your Toes

Women live in a world of fear, vigilance and the fear isnt paralyzing but its omnipresent, whether you are walking out of work in the dark or asking a friend to watch your drink.
4 minutes
Savage Dawn Savage Dawn

Savage Dawn

Tom Havis, a Civil War veteran, has had his life torn apart by the mysterious murder of his family. He ventures out and seeks revenge on the man who did this. After being on the road for weeks, all of his personal possessions stolen from him, he finds a lonely homestead in the mountains of California. Unable to stay on his feet, he is brought into the house by a young woman, Grace. They both know the murderer who killed Tom’s family is still out there and headed their way. Will they both survive the night?
10 minutes
Biking While Black: Continuing to Ride Through Decriminialization, Disenfranchisement & Gentrification Biking While Black: Continuing to Ride Through Decriminialization, Disenfranchisement & Gentrification

Biking While Black: Continuing to Ride Through Decriminialization, Disenfranchisement & Gentrification


An important look at the joys and challenges of biking while Black and the need for a transit future rooted in justice and equity. BIKING WHILE BLACK chronicles the determination of communities and the fight to continue to ride through decriminalization, disenfranchisement, and gentrification.


Our streets and roads are facing a public health crisis and, as with many other public health crises, Black lives are disproportionately affected. BIKING WHILE BLACK: CONTINUING TO RIDE THROUGH DECRIMINALIZATION, DISENFRANCHISEMENT AND GENTRIFICATION is the much anticipated follow up to the 2021 short film BIKING WHILE BLACK: HOW SAFE ARE BLACK LIVES CYCLING?, which has been shown to audiences world-wide and received won the Best Bicycling Film at the 2022 UN-Habitat Better Cities Film Festival in Katowice, Poland.

In this second episode, filmmaker Yolanda Davis-Overstreet takes us on a journey to explore devastating realities of Black lives on bicycles from community members most impacted, from over-policing to loss of life. We learn from local experts how this problem has been progressing and whether it is getting any better.

As a longtime activist and advocate, Yolanda knows that this problem requires more than action, but also a fountain of hope. Next we hear from community members and faith leaders about their actions to fight for safer streets, going up against city hall and the LAPD.

Finally, we are encouraged by the possibilities when communities stand together. We hear from outdoor enthusiasts across Los Angeles why Black communities are historically left out of so many outdoor activities and the importance of claiming and making safe spaces. There is so much potential for Black joy in cycling and other outdoor activities. Through love, hope and the power of grassroots community involvement, we can make the streets safer for Black lives. Please join us on this ride!
29 minutes
Assaman Assaman


Assaman is a cosmic twin love story with the future. A man named Tukki meets a sky-being named Asé. Together, they become suspended in a visual and sonic examination in search of flourishing joy and self-care. What may seem a simple love story quickly expands into a kaleidoscope of introspective, interconnected and intergenerational movement and moments. Assaman holds you for 14 minutes in an Afrofuturist and Indigenous sonic vision - a hypnotic journey. Assaman means "the sky" in Wolof.

Logline: A love story with the future kaleidoscopes in a cosmic twin encounter.
14 minutes
xo, Marisol xo, Marisol

xo, Marisol

Luna, a young Latina who often daydreams about a more exciting life while working at her mother's diner, is thrilled to discover an old diary written by Marisol, a Mexican woman from the 1970s. Instantly captivated, Luna imagines herself in Marisol’s adventures, inadvertently neglecting her work responsibilities. In a heated argument fueled by the diary's distractions, Luna's mother confiscates it, leaving their relationship deeply strained. As Luna spends time without the diary, she reflects upon her relationship with her mother, her personal ambitions, and her family obligations. Through a heartfelt apology, Luna successfully repairs the bond with her mother, fostering an understanding of their respective needs and desires.
14 minutes

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