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Shorts Program Five

Available: Sep 22, 2023 16:05
Until: Oct 02, 2023 03:59
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Shorts Program Five
An eclectic mix of great short films: narratives, documentaries, animations, and music videos.

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Deep Field Deep Field

Deep Field

A grandfather takes his granddaughter on adventures in space, teaching her that we are all part of this great big universe.
5 minutes


Inspired by the iconic skyline of New York City, "ICONS" is a 16-minute music-film created to accompany the triumphant single release of Sophia Amato. Shot on 16mm, the film offers a raw glimpse into the diverse communities of ballroom, sports, adult entertainment, and street culture. ICONS celebrates some of the extraordinary individuals who make New York City a beacon of creativity and self-expression.
16 minutes
Breakup Weekend Breakup Weekend

Breakup Weekend

Breakup Weekend is the coming-of-age drama following Amira and Luca who after five years of dating, decide to end their relationship after their first year of long-distance. Before they leave each other’s lives to grow as young adults, they spend one last weekend celebrating their love and trying to get closure. Amira, back home from art school, goes to Luca’s house for their last weekend together, hoping to stay firm in accepting Luca’s desire to break up. Meanwhile, Luca is struggling with his decision to break up with Amira. As the night continues, the two remember why they love each other and almost reconnect romantically. The moment of reconnection breaks when Amira tries to regain control of her emotions. The two get into a heated argument that allows both to share their feelings about the relationship, and more importantly, why they cannot stay together. The film ends on the first night of the breakup weekend with the pair reminiscing on old memories, living in their decision, and finding comfort in their new friendship post-breakup.
17 minutes
Therapy Express Therapy Express

Therapy Express

Superhero EVA and sidekick ALEX arrive just as SHIRAN, an acting student, is being assaulted by her professor and mentor AMOS. Eva and Alex grant Shiran what most victims can only dream of- revenge.

This seemingly positive twist, however, brings out the real struggle for each character, causing them to turn against each other in what becomes an ultimate battle of values.

Trauma is power.
18 minutes
Handwritten Handwritten


After discovering old diaries and notebooks, artist Jaime Sunwoo examines her shapeshifting penmanship and wonders why she's never had a consistent style. Through playful paper puppetry and animation, she reflects on what handwriting means to her personally, its significance throughout history, and its relevance in our computerized world.
9 minutes
Pinch Pinch


A short coming-of-age drama about a student in her final year of high school who wrestles with an eating disorder. She hides her mental health struggles from her mother and continues to be overwhelmed by the pressures of life as her health quietly declines.
9 minutes
Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM

Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM

Almost a year into a lawless war Amy and Jack have given up hope of anyone coming to help them. Hiding in their once beautiful home with their three young children, they are now starving . The violence rages around them and in the brutal world outside there is no value in anything except the lives of children. Bought and sold as cattle Amy and Jack begin to face up to the reality that the only way to save two of their children is to sell one.

*** Trailer Coming Soon ***
10 minutes
The Good Word The Good Word

The Good Word

A young mother repeatedly rebuffs two religious missionaries.
5 minutes
Random Check Random Check

Random Check

When Sara, who wears a hijab, arrives on an international flight to San Diego for Comic Con, she is held up for hours by Homeland Security during a “random” check.
12 minutes
Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode

Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode

A young American woman flees from the altar on her wedding day, overwhelmed with a deep sense of loneliness. Desperate for a new beginning, she's off to Mexico City with plans to live with her adopted family - her absent-minded father and controlling stepmother. However, her heart breaks when she discovers her dad cannot be trusted. Their relationship gave her, her sense belonging, and now she literally doesn't know where to call home. Thanks to an absurd sequence of events, she meets the eccentric IÑÁRRITU FAMILY who inadvertently come to her rescue. This foreign family and unknown culture may be exactly what she needs to break out of her girlhood mentality and back into her own empowerment.

26 minutes
Find Me In The Morning - Apacalda Find Me In The Morning - Apacalda

Find Me In The Morning - Apacalda

This film tells the story of a tragic event that took place in the artist’s early childhood; the death of her father. He died due to a gas leak in the heating system of the room he had rented during his travels in Romania. This room was intended to share intimate moments with his mistress, a young woman who also lost her life after this encounter.

Written in the first person and from his perspective, the lyrics are based on what her idea of the last minutes of her father’s life were and the thoughts that were coming to him in that final hour. We imagined that with a dizzied mind, in an almost dreamlike state, his last thoughts were devoted to them, his family, his wife and two children that he was now leaving behind. There is a sense of guilt, shame, but also a dominating “fact of the matter” telling of what is, leaving the listener to experience a lack of resolve. A glimpse into the void that was created in that fateful moment.
5 minutes
Before Marriage Before Marriage

Before Marriage

In this romantic comedy a couple starts planning a life together but their ideas for partnership may be too far apart.
17 minutes

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