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In-person Shorts Program Two

Date: Sep 23, 2023
Starts: 15:30
Ends: 17:30
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In-person Shorts Program Two

Regal Battery Park

Regal Battery Park

Room: Screening Room
102 North End Ave
New York, New York 10282
United States
An eclectic mix of great short films: narratives, documentaries, animations, and music videos.

Schedules and Screening Blocks are subject to changes.

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Thirsty for Blood - Kat Redlus Thirsty for Blood - Kat Redlus

Thirsty for Blood - Kat Redlus

Music video for Brooklyn-based artist Kat Redlus.
4 minutes
Champion Champion


It’s 1997. A major financial crisis is brewing in Korea, and 9-year-old Jimin has just moved to America. She arrived in California as part of a Korean "goose family," a term for when the father stays behind in Korea to make money, while the rest of the family goes abroad for an English education. Newly living in a dingy motel room with her mother and brother, Jimin struggles to adapt and refuses to speak to her father, angry that he stayed behind. However, when all hopes that he can join them in America dissipates, Jimin must gather the courage within herself to take the next steps forward.
13 minutes
Lifeline Lifeline


Lifeline is a short documentary film chronicling the life of one Los Angeles woman as she navigates the challenges and prejudices to lift herself out of homelessness, with the vision of one day of helping those who have lost all hope. A testament to inner strength and perseverance, her fight to stay alive, gives new meaning to never giving up.
8 minutes
Islandtrification Islandtrification


Islandtrification documents the journey of Kānaka Maoli families resisting predatory gentrification on Maui, Hawaii, which has a deep history of displacing locals due to economic development-agribusiness and remains the prime spot for the world elite to build their multimillion-dollar estates.
9 minutes


A forty-something single mother gets her groove back with a little assistance from her teenage daughter. LOOK BACK AT IT is set in Baltimore and also serves as a proof of concept for a feature film of the same name.
12 minutes
Hello, Muscles Hello, Muscles

Hello, Muscles

A young girl develops muscles, but finds a different kind of strength.
14 minutes
Heather Heather


Daisy, a young woman, lives at home balancing taking care of her ill and hyper-religious mom, Suzanne, and hiding a “sinful” life from being known. While working at a local video store, Daisy finds a best friend and secret crush, Meg. After an attempt to make a move on her goes horribly wrong, Daisy becomes obsessed and infatuated with Heather Brown, a VHS aerobics instructor, and begins compulsively masturbating to her tapes every night. As their connection gets stronger, Heather begins talking to Daisy through the TV, showcasing some unknown demonic quirks. Once Suzanne discovers Daisy's "sinful" secret, she smashes the Heather tape, prompting Daisy to bludgeon her mom to near-death. In a desperate attempt, Daisy finds herself returning to the video store to find a new Heather tape which she has to confront Meg to get. With her newfound strength, Daisy returns home and reunites with Heather.
14 minutes
Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode

Sunrise RUBY - The Pilot Episode

A young American woman flees from the altar on her wedding day, overwhelmed with a deep sense of loneliness. Desperate for a new beginning, she's off to Mexico City with plans to live with her adopted family - her absent-minded father and controlling stepmother. However, her heart breaks when she discovers her dad cannot be trusted. Their relationship gave her, her sense belonging, and now she literally doesn't know where to call home. Thanks to an absurd sequence of events, she meets the eccentric IÑÁRRITU FAMILY who inadvertently come to her rescue. This foreign family and unknown culture may be exactly what she needs to break out of her girlhood mentality and back into her own empowerment.

26 minutes
An Ode to Procrastination An Ode to Procrastination

An Ode to Procrastination

In An Ode to Procrastination we follow the thought process of a young artist, Sarah. Sarah is trying to create what she thinks is the project of her lifetime, but procrastinates while struggling to start. The film explores relatable fears plenty of artists endure. Sarah copes with her’s by completely ignoring them - in her head, she finds a good, yet sometimes absurd, reason for everything she does or doesn’t do and sprinkles her struggles with motivational quotes all while slightly dying inside.
4 minutes
The Summers of your Winter The Summers of your Winter

The Summers of your Winter

Sara, a teenager who has suffered from her mother's deep depression and her constant suicide attempts since she was a child, receives the opportunity to travel to the past and experience first-hand with her, the moments that marked her and made her what she is now.
17 minutes
To The Death To The Death

To The Death

TO THE DEATH is a 10 minute dark comedy short about two South Asian/Australian actors in LA who are forced to fight to the death for an acting role.
11 minutes

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