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In-Person Shorts Program Five

Date: Sep 24, 2023
Starts: 17:40
Ends: 19:40
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In-Person Shorts Program Five

Regal Battery Park

Regal Battery Park

Room: Screening Room
102 North End Ave
New York, New York 10282
United States
An eclectic mix of great short films: narratives, documentaries, animations, and music videos.

Schedules and Screening Blocks are subject to changes.

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Something New Something New

Something New

On a tumultuous wedding day, five women prepare to walk down the aisle while a teenage bridesmaid probes about what really happens on the wedding night. A subversive and political take on the rom-com genre that reveals the disturbing truth behind one bride’s pre-nuptial cold feet.
15 minutes
The Draft The Draft

The Draft

THE DRAFT is a 7min sci-fi short which uses the exciting setting of a TV lottery to address the lack of freedom women can face when it comes to motherhood.
In a future world under strict population control, a strong, independent, fertile Kate is drafted to have a baby. Unlike her best friend Jessica, Kate doesn’t want to be a mother and suffers. Her personal choice is taken away at each step and when she wants to gift her opportunity away to Jessica, she cannot because her fertility is a commodity and the presumed fairness of a lottery is society’s way of maintaining equality and exerting control. While the two best friends are ripped apart, unable to follow their dreams, they succeed in awakening the audience and reveal the faults in the system.

THE DRAFT is meant to evoke a debate around the lacking freedom of choice women still face today. A woman should have complete control over her body but we can be scorned for not doing what others - and society - consider to be our duty, our purpose as women. This film is about what can happen when our right to be childfree by choice is taken from us. Equality demands that we as women and men respect each other’s individuality and choices, whether that’s becoming a mother or not.
8 minutes
Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM

Unthinkable Conversations - SHORT FILM

Almost a year into a lawless war Amy and Jack have given up hope of anyone coming to help them. Hiding in their once beautiful home with their three young children, they are now starving . The violence rages around them and in the brutal world outside there is no value in anything except the lives of children. Bought and sold as cattle Amy and Jack begin to face up to the reality that the only way to save two of their children is to sell one.

*** Trailer Coming Soon ***
10 minutes
Random Check Random Check

Random Check

When Sara, who wears a hijab, arrives on an international flight to San Diego for Comic Con, she is held up for hours by Homeland Security during a “random” check.
12 minutes
Odd/Even Odd/Even


In the near future, people only wake up in either odd-numbered years or even-numbered years and hibernate in “The Capsule” during their inactive period. A promising young actress outsmarts her lover and escapes from a toxic relationship on the last day of 2043.
16 minutes
Taking Back August Taking Back August

Taking Back August

A film star clinging to her dying career is confronted by her biggest fear… her son. As she auditions for the role of Hamlet, life begins to imitate art when her estranged son arrives unannounced at her coastal estate. Forced to confront past guilt and present fears of motherhood, she stands on the precipice of what it means “to be or not to be” as a woman who wants it all.
19 minutes
Breakup Weekend Breakup Weekend

Breakup Weekend

Breakup Weekend is the coming-of-age drama following Amira and Luca who after five years of dating, decide to end their relationship after their first year of long-distance. Before they leave each other’s lives to grow as young adults, they spend one last weekend celebrating their love and trying to get closure. Amira, back home from art school, goes to Luca’s house for their last weekend together, hoping to stay firm in accepting Luca’s desire to break up. Meanwhile, Luca is struggling with his decision to break up with Amira. As the night continues, the two remember why they love each other and almost reconnect romantically. The moment of reconnection breaks when Amira tries to regain control of her emotions. The two get into a heated argument that allows both to share their feelings about the relationship, and more importantly, why they cannot stay together. The film ends on the first night of the breakup weekend with the pair reminiscing on old memories, living in their decision, and finding comfort in their new friendship post-breakup.
17 minutes
Dream City Dream City

Dream City

Melissa takes to sliding down a pole to fund her dream salon, but after befriending the wrong newbie at work, she discovers mo' money, mo' problems
13 minutes
Savage Dawn Savage Dawn

Savage Dawn

Tom Havis, a Civil War veteran, has had his life torn apart by the mysterious murder of his family. He ventures out and seeks revenge on the man who did this. After being on the road for weeks, all of his personal possessions stolen from him, he finds a lonely homestead in the mountains of California. Unable to stay on his feet, he is brought into the house by a young woman, Grace. They both know the murderer who killed Tom’s family is still out there and headed their way. Will they both survive the night?
10 minutes
Tell Me You Love Me Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

Based on a true story - A rooftop party for two, a brother & sister celebrate their love. She has escaped from a violent husband but her scars run deep. She makes the ultimate choice.

With Tamzin Outhwaite, Previous credits include: EastEnders, Death in Paradise, Ridley Road.

Danny Bayne, The Peripheral (Netflix) Hollyoaks,
Grease is the Word- Winner- BBC
11 minutes

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